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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Previous: former paralyzed returns to field

Harte Skoczen impactor Cory weight. A different kind of hit would rather most of Ashland University with his teammates in the Ashland University football team.

13 Months ago very few people thought it would be posible.Skoczen has throw hundreds of pounds with seemingly little effort in the new training service.

Lee Owens, I was the head coach of the Eagles recently, it was shocking, that was never a paralysed player in the field above.

An innocent aspect had overthrown linebackers, hole cutout Cory has changed.

"We made the drilling..."I went down and said: Wow, that felt in strange I felt nothing, "said."...

45 Minutes flying time at which it struck the ground at the same time, Metro was by helicopter health medical center in Cleveland.He suffered a concussion in the spinal cord.

"I think it was just under 4 days" "I was not all low sense of clavicle."

Stunned Ashland community football was derived, while Cory fought for 3 weeks were espalda.alrededor meaning in Metro Skoczen step attend lessons and slowly to acquire some sense.He said that nothing can stop him.

Is now significantly and it seems, however, it must pastillas.Sin, doctors advised a voluntary for graduation is him to jouer.maintenant Eagles. despu├ęs Wizard, still he is his dream, an officer in the Navy.

"This is a game that teaches life lessons and of course has taught me a very great".

Cory only knew it was him, the .copyright © 2010 BDERY - TV was teaching

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