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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Charged in death of toddler Amherst couple

Theresa Jones family (10 September 2010) of Amherst toddler Dallas Jones photo related links speaks IndictmentVideo mugshot mother: Alyson mother toddler Amherst SweanyPhoto Ohio dies-few loaded several months after the death of toddler after serious injuries to the head last week, TROTTON, the accused in connection with the death of a child of three years was arrested Friday and posted bond and have been released from prison, Fox News Channel 8 said Amherst police service.

Dallas Jones, 50, 55 and Theresa Jones, were three counts of children present a danger, a number of unlawful cultivation of marijuana and a number charged with marijuana possession.(all crimes serious third degree) .Ellos were calculated in another drug, the provided tools work.

Torque House where Jesse Crum Jr. mortelles.Sont parents Peter Jones, has suffered injuries, is the mother of the drum, Alyson Sweany friend property

Jesse Crum, Jr., who died in March, three days after he drive House Forest Hill in Amherst.Alyson Sweany, 22 MetroHealth to Cleveland was accused with three counts of crimes child at risk in the County of Lorain.Ella, said Thursday not guilty.

"According to police, Jesse injured lived in this House where the suffered severe child seat and other injuries Sweany and your friend, but always vague.""" This is the worst in the world you can imagine, there of nothing worse, could ever thought it could happen "drum said." ""

"Aunt child says Jesse in the hours before him from life support has been removed."See this baby had bruising of the thumbprint in the legs, it seemed only chosen - and can move, it was madness, bruises on this baby, "said Krista Crum."

The current Sweany even in the House has lived, committed since suicide.

"Had already before the courts, round trip, trying to get custody and simply not the case, but I was just naturally keep and asked the Court of Justice, said the father of the family drum Jess.La a Jesse memorial dinner on 11 September 2010 in the VFW to Amherst celebrating."

Dallas and Theresa Jones the Lorain 16 should your first plea, September court county municipality Pleas.Copyright © 2010 BDERY - TV appear.

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