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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Politician: No. regrets viral gone through intensive voice

The freaks during the speech of MINERVA County, Ohio - campaign Treasurer Phil Davison candidate is less apologetic bits for intensive speech attempted to the Republican nomination for the County of stark, Treasurer.

Video intervention went viral Internet attention concerns, Germany, Australia and England, where Davison said was invited to do an interview on the BBC.

A video intervention, Davison, 39, forward and backward raised stimulation, and sometimes as it insists crack voice if he nomination of the Executive Committee of the won Republican party elections.

"If you today named evening I to anyone in this room, committed, goes that on the ground that is executed to bat and finally win," said Davison.

The intensity and the passion that made the video a sense of the Internet is not an act.

"" "It is a real.Yo who is it, me is on the grill on 4 has some ribs, maybe a beer and know I spill some on my shirt and...". ""It is true, ", says Davison on Fox News 8 of his house.

Two students and two master including a degree in communications, he realized that he gave the speech Davison said that there were people who literally wanted out of the room.

"There were people who don't want to see me."There are people who are looking only at a second would a short and find who can then, scared me into the room with this man, "said."

Davison was an urban local Minerva while 13. March IL said that he be different and "plain" if wanted to address of his speech before the appointment.

Brian Geiselman said neighbors heard before speech of the Executive Committee, which thought was presented Contribuée in intensity.

"" "" If only provided speech had been his speech a low and no one had mentioned would have been ", says Geiselman Fox 8, adding,"I said a hack giving people stepping up to talk"."

Alexander purpose ring won the nomination of the party, but said Davison.. .the is not embarrassing loss and if you make sería.Copyright must © it 2010 BDERY - TV

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