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Monday, September 6, 2010

Police: Drunk maintainer grandmother fails with baby car

CLEVELAND - where a 47 year old grandmother for drunk was arrested accident driving cars in the early morning hours in Cleveland.

The accident occurred at about 4 pm Sunday in 2133 w 95 Street.

Police Cleveland, said White since Mitsubishi Eclipse linked in the North on the Street West, operated 95 driver, if he gives two Garées cars, return hit your car on his side.

Area residents because rush to hear a strong accidente.Cuando approached car, where a baby that endemic in the vehicle, officials said.

Witness told police that women the baby delivered in the car window.

Police Sergeant function of Cleveland Sammy Morris, grandson of one year old women took place MetroHealth Medical Center for non-fatal injuries.

The young mother was notified and came to the hospital.

If agents of women in the scene appeared drunk, Morris said.

He was in the Hospital of Lakewood, brought where he treated and released.

Police said to receive medical attention, the driver by the Cleveland refused municipal school district, an alcohol.Ella taking contained breath test is busy was for driving under the influence and children threaten.

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