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Monday, September 6, 2010

Lawyer said JetBlue flight operator resigned instead

Steven Slater JetBlue JetBlue exhaust questions have Declaration not cooperative designated flight new YORK (AP) - a Deputy flight that has caught the attention of America as passengers informed to disable full passenger aircraft then slid emergency step fall from his position last week resigned and refused, his lawyer said on Sunday.

Steven Slater left work at JetBlue Airways Corporation, Wednesday, after, that he Saturday said lawyer Horwitz.JetBlue after antics on board who was charged with having committed last month, said Daniel j. that Slater no employee but there are no details which led the speculation on the track he was fired, had been interrupted.

Horwitz said worked Slater some details and with the airline, based at the Queen's, but not development.

"Step, triggered", said bluntly Horwitz.

Slater, 38, has worked three years for JetBlue, although he spent 20 years in the airline industry.

1052 Flight from Pittsburgh International Airport John worked d. Kennedy 9 August when, he said, the claimed was an argument instead of with a rude passenger.After landing at JFK, travelling on the public address system, called for a passenger, that he had him strongly treated has a beer and by emergency, said prosecutors delete.

Slater was arrested and charged with criminal mischief traspaso.Su was reckless risks and lawyer, said only "lack a civics companion" next court date invited his behavior.His Tuesday.

Slater was an instant sensation and talked about days.Online, cooling water, store are canonizing on both sides of the debate, or intentionally him by calling a hero or a brat irritable trained.

Slater said after his arrest, he loved to fly and work and its some tens of thousands of fans online called the airline the mantenerlo.No wanted to return white that it will be using the airline with another company.

JetBlue has in the past month Slater stopped pendiente.Dijo search press in a memorandum not as much damage emergencies that may be caused to potentially implemented with a slide of violence Mortelle amount.

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