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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Women soon delivered crash dies after the buggy

Crash command prompt combines urgent security at the drive in the baby OSHP motherland Amish Nouveau NES criticism of buggy crash: pregnant women in the crash of buggy is which seen depends on birth in buggy, several injured CLEVELAND - provide a woman who forced your baby early after an accident buggy, died Sunday, said a spokesman for the hospital.

Wednesday, the driver of a data back to a buggy in the County of Geauga.El off-road impact a woman is pregnant, Amish and several their minor children.

Barbara Kauffman suffered severe injuries to the head and life flighted MetroHealth Medical Center, where doctors could return to his son.

Remained in critical condition for days but died domingo.Su son stays underground on fair terms, supervisor said the hospital care.

Cavalry would meet with the Ohio highway patrol, who said the buggy driver had drugs in his system.

Julie Pirtz, 31 cited Warren, whose own Baby daughter was at the time who was collision in his SUV for a vehicle under the influence and a distance between your vehicle and buggy not retained.

Earlier this week Geauga County prosecutors said that he planned a Grand deal jury and additional charges against Pirtz treated.

Pirtz have probably more serious charges that died a Kauffman.

Cavalry, said that the case illustrates the need for drivers to be careful when by the Amish country to travel.

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