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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Week 3 Friday night touch: get photos and highlights

Game of the week: Catholic Lake VS BenedictineVideo if you award-winning touch Friday night lost 8 Emmy the week 3 of Fox have two huge WINS by Potencia perennial - Casas, loss of a previously unbeaten annoying and fools Madison a lot had only standing watch take home small jug Brown.

11: 00 PM Geauga Drenski who won Friday night show an incredible individual performance of Joe West featuring touch player noche.Drenski honour has generated two runways touch and execution for an other scores two as reinvestment of Wolverines in North of previously undefeated Eastlake 41 12.

West Geauga is a perfect 3-0, with a games room with arch Perry compete buried in just two weeks.

Another artist Russ Willoughby South Ray, night, which now has 15 affected five projection in a 52-28 on victory.Russ Euclid passes touch in the year that the rebels are still a perfect 3-0.

Comet of Solon shot Jerome t. Osbourne Stadium on Friday night after a win 31 21 at Comet Chris Humphrey mentor.Quart which was catalyst helping Solon who overcome the three ball H1 losses remain invicto.Mentor is now 1-2 of the season and games has come over the four weeks with Massillon Washington Willoughby South, San Ignacio, Warren Harding g...

Edward St the left and that there is a great victory in had reached Mooney.The beat on Youngstown Cardinal Eagles the ball strong default priority Reggie Terrell, achieved the ground three concerned in the win 37 3 master status defensa.Edward, St has scored Department IV points 137 in three games so far in this season.

Game night Fox8.com Madison, to jumped an early Perry advantage front standing crowd only to nine yards receiving John Lycée.Toucher Madison room o ' Brien Andy Carlson advantage makes a burst blue rays 7-0 in the opening of the drive juego.Pero, seven points would be that all Madison get demonstrated Perry in the back, arms and pirates, the legs Hokavar Mitchell, a 28-yard touchdown generated pass to Ryan Phelps at the end of the first quarter.Hokavar and senior wide receiver Matt Kropko tells the rest of the load that Perry 7 small jug Brown in Madison 36 - keeping blew.

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