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Monday, September 6, 2010

Report: NFL rookie search transactions in the EU

WASHINGTON (AP) - a person who is familiar with the situation now were three of the four participating time interesting business country lowered, which gets the Union continue to explore whether deals have been made to avoid the payment of money in a special disk player pool NFL, told the associated press on Sunday.

Person, on condition of anonymity because the Union has no public polls, says the development during the weekend that only cause served to strengthen the examination offices of the week by the Washington Redskins, St. Louis Rams, NFL Players Association of Philadelphia Eagles, the Arizona Cardinals.

Monday, the Redskins sent round project sixth choose Dennis Morris, the Rams for a related project, on the same day, St. Louis commissioned divulgado.El step of fifth round pick Davis Hall, Washington shows non-sampling for a conditional.

On this day, the Eagles to Charles Scott Jorrick Calvin in exchange for the 6th round rookie selection sent the Cardinals.

At the time made trades Redskins coach Mike Shanahan said that they were made deals, there was, was not going to the 53 - man in Washington.Then list make stored Davis after practice.

Saturday, the Rams were published Morris and before Scott, two Cardinals NFL establish a list of 53 - Hombre .Calvin with Eagles from 6 h delay was leaving a computer the only one which is four.

Accordance with the rules of collective bargaining for one year agreement fall when you cut a rookie by the team that drafted him prepared, this team is obliged to pay 85% of the salary of the player, in a pool of rookie.Money for this group at beginning next year distributed basis for beginners played number of departures in the 2010 season.

The manner, usually written could escape paying computer, by a player of the wording would - cut off team and the team, cutting the jugador.Aun other store small by NFL standards would amount of savings: $ 263,500 on a salary of $ 310,000 in the first year, the norm numbers this year, the Baja Ronda written.

It is not clear that the Union could find result if the offices are a way to pay, but it is likely that the Union involved all computers to payments to make as if you had cut claims the Press.Todos jugadores.Copyright 2010 own reserved.this material may not published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed be would like to.

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