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Saturday, September 4, 2010

Man shot after dangling in police knife

CLEVELAND - officer involved shooting occurred in Cleveland if answered to find police, a call of domestic violence, a man in the middle of the street with a knife.

Office of Nancy Dominik said the public with the Cleveland Police Department in the 870 Whitcomb Friday occurred Avenue block information.

Lorrie Taylor said Fox 8 with the police in the scene who said 43-year-old man could not contain or with established.

Police said that you believe that a man his nephew with a glass during a discussion, the above in the head hit.

Apparently refused, to lower the blade when the police, he faced and produce, said by balancing the official Dave Fox 8 Nethers.

Bullet fired by the police that he in the thigh and the thumb to press.

Man has survived the shooting and was taken to the Huron Road Hospital, not as potentially lethal.

Parents told Fox News 8 has estimated that the man under the influence was.

Agents were not injured.

Team was to study the use of deadly force, police said it was standard.

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