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Monday, September 20, 2010

Iran said it not held u.s. women's T a spy

Sarah Shourd gave a statement in the lounge, VIP airport from Muscat before steals Muscat, Oman, 18 September 2010. (Associated press) Links to related u.s. hikers prisoners in Iran return sound YORK new - American instead of Iran for morethan 13 months and accused of espionage, said Sunday and two Mendetained never brides or not a crime, call Theirarrest "a misunderstanding" committed.

First talk about your experiences with its ReleaseTuesday Sarah Shourd commended for Releasedbut been underlined, said he was only involved "a free third" because of its got that remain in prison in Tehran NotoriousEvin ShaneBauer and his friend Josh Fattal.

"" "Is not the time to celebrate," Shourd, 32, says inprepared comments for a press conference in New York."""The only Thingthat gave me cross Golf single salary of freedom know Shane and Josh formy suffer from prison with all his heart, wanted to end."

Meanwhile the Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad which came out in New York at the general meeting the Nations Unidas. Mas U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, developments in the situation in Iraq, Afghanistan and the Middle East and efforts to a solution of Thedispute nuclear Iran, Officesaid spokesman Nations program occurred later to discuss.

He called "a great humanitarian gesture" Shourd for adding to interview for "This week with Christiane Amanpour."Calls USA release eight Iranians who arrested after Hesaid were illegal arrests.

Shourd thanked in a carefully the Iranians and Ahmadinejad, said situation.Iranhas Scriptedreturn with continuous delicacy issued espionage charges against you, Bauer AndFattal had transmission system related; track could bring proceedings tests for two men in absentia Andproceedings Shourd.

But stressed his innocence in a case that was added tensions between the United States and Iran Theroster.

The three were arrested in July 2009, when Iranian intentionally to cross the border from Iraq.echoing was their families in your absence Officialssaid Shourdsaid Sunday gave as region - three accounts in a popular Touristarea - close to a waterfall in the Kurdistan region had been walking and frontier Noidea had close.

"If we at the border of Iraq and Iran made this boundary marked and indistinguishable Wasentirely," he said.

"" Shane and Josh shouldn't longerthan someday prison,"said was.""" "We have not obliged all crimes and we notspies.De, we wanted no damage to the Iranian Government of orits people and think that a huge misunderstanding of our detention for Arrestand expanded launched."

Mother Shourd said that had problems with health, including the cells cervical roughness Diapason and precancerous.Shourd says medical Sundaythat in Oman, where she was immediately after his release, decided, was also physically.

Officials in Oman - ally of Iran and the United States - mediated determined by a deposit of $ 500,000 for the Shourd Iranianauthorities and apparently not U.S. economic Sanctionsagainst irĂ¡n.La source of payment the guarantor against having no Beendisclosed.

Shourd and farmer lived together in Damascus Syria, which where Bauer worked as a freelance journalist and as master anEnglish.Fattal, an environmental activist and a CPU reaches last Shourd Berkeley Visitthem in July year, and all three Fellowgraduate hiking.

"" My hope is that by learning who we are and how we come to the deposits this fascinating and diversified worldwide directly region Frommy, lips, doubts and FSO Shane and Josh to dispel helps ' Sdetention, ", said Shourd.". "

He added that he was convinced, that his experience "Empleadosla for Americans and Iranians" offer would recognize, that a Improvedrelationship in each best interest.

In his interview with Amanpourabout Ahmadinejad gives specific information not, if farmer and Fattal could also be released, saying "should watch Thecases".copyright 2010 Press.Todos rights reserved.this material associated must be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

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