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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Head of Chase with body dead as passengers of cops, controller

Home > Fox News 8, controller leads cops Chase family with dead body as a guide for victims: his ex Amie; wpix.com 9: 43 pm EDT refused his deadly threats by JAMES FORD, August 31, 2010, RIDGEFIELD, n.j (WPIX) - is a suspect in the murder in the hospital after attempting suicide after killing his ex Amie, depending on the font of Ridgefield, New Jersey. But it was the end of a veteran even bizarre history, called the police.

You tight driven which suspicious, David Goodell, 30 years after a continuation of the collision and the voiture. Terminé a short road, the murder was past and with a shocking discovery researchers surprised even large completed.

The police say managed calls Ridgefield residents Monday afternoon saying that a man bled extensively in the high school parking lot Ridgefield Park.

If the police came to say to investigate Superman Goodell in his car and on a cruise of the Policía municipal crashed you say thousand and a half on Elizabeth Street, then in a car reached hunting on distance a dead end residential cul-de-sac of the Fund led two blocks.

Here was able to get the police Goodell of the car and an ambulance, which transported, bleeding bad man at the Hackensack University Medical Center for processing your poignets.barres obviously Toolbox suicide had tried.

When the police arrived to find the car of Goodell, a great that his ex Amie 21 years was choque.El body, laboratory Tulli headquarters of the passager.Elle suffocated been was his body had been there details on how long and how long had killed were still not released.

"It was my baby, my baby, my Princess ' Tulli, Luz, said mother only 11 PIX news."

A friend who had arrived in the Tulli homepage says Garfield family 11 new PIX comfort laboratory became very popular and very reliable.She said Goodell said it would be enough to kill his Tulli, but he does not believe by the laboratory.

Small street, where he finished the race car, has seen similar tragedy in the past.

In September 1999 pictures Gladys Ricart aged 39 was in a house in the street Elizabeth Day boda.Ella wear your wedding dress and a leaf-shaped killed and took with his family at his current, Agustín García, broke in his house and had downloaded a revolver IV. 38 y.

Garcia clean imprisonment for murder one only 100 meters from where David Goodell police arrested.

Goodell is now facing a charge of murder - the position for the Augustine García.Se doomed, County Attorney wait charges against Goodell once it other crimes before the mountains submitted by released is © 2010 hospital.Copyright WPIX TV.

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