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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Ghost town: Quiet Barrio Échaudée by explosion

Map: DamageGraphic photos of San Bruno lamp: blast devastated the card Bay District: succeeded where interactive: environment before and after the full coverage: San Bruno explosion and fire reports, San Bruno and the angels – lived in the narrow streets with names that have taken the difficult suburbs: Concord Street, unit Glenview.

It became a viable city of San Bruno, San Francisco, 12 miles each change in recent years - that new faces, new is the young professionals, funding from the discovery the norte.Pero travel more than anything else, the subdivision was a distinguished by conventional, stability of the middle class.

Lived in modest homes, Rancho Estilo, more during a boom in housing, the war followed Mundial.Ellos has shaped their Savannah and played basketball in their place of residence. They have retired police, preschool teacher, the Jet maintenance staff.

She knew that you another and not just by waving to the to work in the morning.Neighborhood parties were the rule; many lived here for 30 40 years, some in the same house where one resident was grandi.Un, workers who see digging ditches and installing gas lines in 1957.

It is now a 30-foot crater in the middle of the circle in the case where a line broken gas 30 and exploded Thursday in a plume of smoke lamp massive.La brought disaster, which always clear: confirmed four dead, including a woman at the age of 44, his daughter.At less 38 small houses were destroyed, and trained a team of lifeguards and dogs on the remains of the burns 52 Peinadas bodies find less Friday.At victims were treated in hospitals

It of hard to remember that just one more night - poco.Los children their homework have this Thursday, 6 after only one, some of the first escolar.varios new year people were in the first half-year results the Vikings Saints football Spiel.Einer dog was to his another in his feed an other flower irrigation, queried,.

She had some of you felt in the first place: the smell of gas.

Then he felt low and stable, a sudden emergency, which shook the foundations of their homes - as if the Earth was growling, then.

Took, it was one of two things: an earthquake of soil or the landing of a jumbo.

Kaila Uniacke, 17, room terre.Elle was earthquake in the bearing was executed with his brother Kevin and two of you were grouped under the mesa.Pero finally gave the account that you have done no earthquake.Curious lust as outside.Most you.

"Wind", he said, "red".

Hensel, Bob was 71, a firefighter withdrawn from the city of San Bruno, in the Lair of watching TV.

"" "" "Sounded like I was on the wrong side of a Jet engine","said.""Things began to beat the House."A warm and very orange and bright outside.... "You made, I had to leave the Devils".

Hensel itself has a minute for cats, Zoe and buckwheat to search for it, but schwarz-Up dispersado had él threw in a few top shoes and running in the garage without stealing time your wallet appliances that makes auditory píldoras.El therefore it was encrypted stored garage on his body - neck shirt hanging glass manualmente.Todo phone to open attached to your belt attached.

Hensel, on a hill in Fairmont, drive home 1100 block was the last in the fire of redistribution House South of him home for Northern you left intact.

He fled barreling Street to a fire, the authorities say 1,200 grados.El Friday, outside of the flight could have reached that is so configured in the Centre of San Bruno, Veterans was Memorial Recreation Centre in his lenses that were mangled heat auto account rear light painting, bumper, peeled and onions.

Rob, Hensel, son works for the city and was able to take a look in the home.

"" "" "" "Ruin", said Rob."""Common Hollywood Surrealista.Un".

There was a cabinet not queman.Una herramientas.Parte fireplace area.

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