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Monday, September 20, 2010

Controversial 40 below a spot allows heads hold off Browns, 16 14.

Bookmark links about: Browns VS heads the Browns in the city! Ring of pre game tailgate choice rewards only three very diplomatically to Jim Brown of old Brown's message number: Jerome Harrison from Browns its performance 286 against injuries in Browns issues Jim Brown head moved wrapper keep, a ring of honor ceremony top 5 reasons passed the Browns would win Tampa Bay drives out Browns in the second half of the second Sunday of law who think rice Browns Delhomme yards, 14-17-CLEVELAND-Cleveland Browns before Haltime 14–10, has to win, but to visit loss in the second half on the route to another disappointing result.

Seneca Wallace began the Browns against the Kansas City Chiefs for the injured Jake Delhomme-opening of the Assembly.

The Browns were money laundering in the third quarter and Ryan's Kansas City Succop its launched second 26-yard field goal to cut the Browns head for 13-14 in the fourth quarter.

Succop added another field, the third game ahead, target Kansas City 16 14.

With remaining 2: 00 coach heads, a fourth critique down and when Todd Haley decided at the bottom of the first to go.

Reverse veteran Thomas Jones at the top of the stack to describe, but seems to be less than to win the line.

Official examination instead of Jones who necessary yardage to collect, Manager step run out the clock to win the game.

Connected with Josh Cribbs Wallace a 65-yard touchdown-pass in the second quarter for the Browns 14–10, to the half-time advantage led.

Heads of State and the first achieved Government yards with Ryan Succop 34 first quarter, field, but the Browns quickly countered with Peyton Hillis, scoring a 1-yard touchdown run to close 10 game 96 metres was by Kansas City expensive sanction to a third party and play the destination drive expanded.

A few moments later, Brandon Flowers Kansas City intercepted a pass from Wallace and returned 33 feet for a landing.

Falls from the Cleveland lost 2-0 season.

Travel to Baltimore Ravens play Sunday at 1 pm.

Wallace has his first game Browns Starter 16 to 31 for 229 metres, completed a touchdown and a © interception.Copyright 2010 BDERY - TV

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