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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Arm amputated after two trains collide engineer

Learn more about smart Yost train tragedy identified victims - FONTANA Metro reporter two persons injured including a Arm was amputated when two faces in Fontana trains, the rest on the right track.

The accident with a Union Pacific - Zug - last reported at 11: 55 am Thursday at Highway 10 in bird cherry.

A preliminary report specified Pacific train West led the Union if there was another train stopped on the trail.

An engineer is mounted in a car of the train and trying to help liberate an orchestra that was trapped in the rubble in the rescue arm of the Director of the Orchestra to free him had to amputate director.Crews finally officials in the car, said.

Two men were sent to a local hospital, for tratamiento.El conductor in condition Crítica.El engineer suffered was moderate injury.

Several roads in the region have been closed due to a collision, including bird cherry, later reopened.

Investigating the cause of the accident.

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