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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Akron low teen appearance in front of his house.

AKRON, Ohio - A Buchteln was high school sophomore in his own courts only feet of his mother shot down.

Police said that you shot at about 7: 30 pm in the machine to Akron.Jason Knighten, 16, occurred.

Dortha Jackson says Fox News 8 raised his nephew, Jason, as was three months old.She is the single mother who never knew that the young person.

"" Love people."""It was full of life,"says Jackson."CPR manages."Trato save my son, but I could not do it.

Akron police said Knighten and a friend were teenagers in the front garden room son, unit of work as a man approached.

Researchers said the man got into a discussion with Knighten and then moved to him in the chest, leaving 16 to die.

"I was strict on difficult él.fue for him, and he would say, ' MOM, I'm home."But the same home

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