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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The soldier in, Iraqi parents are happy with the President

Obama - her second year at the heights, Ohio - President after seven years, the fight against GARFIELD Office (copyright) Northshoresurfphotos Mission in Iraq, President Obama keeps its promise to end the war.

Meaning that your child coming home, Ron and Janice Tepley from Iraq in October.

"" "It".. .we have care of him, every day,"it is hard for us" said Janice Tepley.

It has been used Afghanistan.In, Captain of the army of TJ Tepley increased us Garfield Heights. después graduate of West point who was 11 months he was stationed in Iraq.

On Tuesday night, his parents were as President Obama talks about the end of the Mission in Iraq to fight.

"" "" I thought that a message was very bueno. pensé, there we have done, and is a time to see the coming hogar.Estaremos happy, all young men and women come home and sure to make ", said Ron Tepley."

Two brothers master Tepley, both served in the army - in the air force and others is currently in the Navy.

Although the majority of US troops in Iraq has been withdrawn stationed around 50,000 troops in Iraq until © BDERY - TV end 2011.Copyright 2010

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