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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Jim Brown said voice was injured with Brown.

Ring of honor link: Brown's tribute to former players star CLEVELAND - Hall of Fame, the reversal Jim Brown always has a rigid arms the quite pleasant.

Brown, as more Brown informed the President Cleveland Mike Holmgren not visit the ceremony he 19 September, when the team presents its new ring of honor.

Brown is one of the sixteen Hall of Fame of the induced in the ring during the half Chamber opening against Kansas City. decision Brown, to the event ignore, comes Lerner.Holmgren Holmgren elimination as owner, Randy, took the Browns in December, offered the legendary player a role with the team, a position the Brown declined.

Monday, Brown has sent a letter to Holmgren was the Plain Dealer.En it determined, Brown said he had no formal contract as a consultant at the Browns, and he believes was violating its agreement with Lerner, because a clause in, said it would respond to someone other than the owner.

"" His ultimatum was me, that I the opportunity for at home, a pet, just someone could provide that would represent special events by their physical presence and stuff, could get you a salary of $ 100,000, "Wrote Brown.""" "" "" All these things would offered me are controlled by the user.""

The 74-year-old Brown said that he returned to his Office, feeling, as if it said had been despedido.Brown, that he waived your situation in a "public debate", he wrote a note to .Dijo Holmgren and Lerner, explaining why he would not accept the proposed position.

Last week Holmgren announced a conference where he sat on both sides the press through the Hall of Fame, Paul Warfield and Joe DeLamielleure, plans for the ring of honor the computer.Brown President said that he attended press conference and the impressions away accompanied, joined a few.

"Was his most powerful statement about me and me I laugh a monkey Don ' t stop no show," Brown wrote.

Never done joined Holmgren comment, saying that it hope Brown colleagues from the Hall of Fame for a well deserved honor.

"" I hope that Jim will be there, and I hope that exists because it a part of it is, said Holmgren."" "It is new ella.Cualquier part of the history of this place, far away, will be a celebration maravilloso.Va someday... There is a big party for all of us and 16 families today, and I hope that it will be part.""

Brown said he was glad that DeLamielleure has increased the need for best in the NFL pension and Holmgren, urged to join him by you position power with the Cleveland Browns, for better planning of retirement and health for all retirados.Si was a supporter of these goals would walk along the side and I.

Brown closed his letter with the words: "' I've never danced in relation to the end, I have always the ball on the referee, so you must know, dance...""Claims to be the best doing what there either and absolutely unnecessary validation of everyone, I will not participate in ring of Honor.Mike only one thing that I can control in life and a human being.""

Response following Holmgren Tony Rizzo Fox sent 8 Browns:

"Receiving: it tells me Jim, and he told me that it might not Cleveland Browns ceremonial honor ring."

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