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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Confusion dismissal for Akron policemen

Greater Akron, said police Union upcoming layoffs battle links-oriented Akron Mayor, police courts could AKRON, Ohio, termination avoided by six police officers suspended six other officers are not are notification of get had become work now is. This is the result of a clerical error, announced a spokesman for the city of Akron.

In an e-Mail Fox 8 news media release said Tuesday Director city communication mark Williamson "an error of calculating seniority points" was discovered.

"" "This means that some families be revealed while others, had thought that it deletes itself around this obstacle a notice of the dismissal get". """" City regrets this error and has been moved to fix as soon as possible,"Williamson said."

All 12 of affected agents receive letters Wednesday situation.avis redundancy to explain affecting 40 officers, © BDERY - TV began to exit pasado.Copyright 2010 Friday

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