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Monday, August 30, 2010

Busted man made supposedly adventure Craigslist Ad

The heights of MAYFIELD, Ohio - is a man is in trouble for allegedly neighbours for subscriptions magazines adult and place a fraudulent notice of Craigslist, for its neighbours, signed Fox 8 Lou Maglio reports.

The police say that Shane McGinty, 27, Mayfield Heights, as retribution did this because he had problems with bitch.

McGinty, police women believes an advertisement provides debris site name free Web de Craigslist placed publication neighbour.Following, begin to receive many phone calls.

"" "" "Two free scrap Craigslist messages", said Mayfield Heights Joe Leskovec police detective."""" His number on and received calls had free patterned people want debris bookings.""After the initial release, called back us and informe.A continued font, spoke with us at a later date and advised we a second record Saturday free scrap had. "."

The woman is not ready, the 8 visited Fox McGinty House situation.lorsque to discuss no one came to the door.

Say what has been done with police magazines was the self-proclaimed, carried out and the fee Craigslist harassment of telecommunications.

McGinty is expected to appear in court, be next © 2010 semana.Copyright BDERY - TV.

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